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All I Wanted Was To Hold Her Hand - Ellen & Jack - Pengenna Manor Wedding

Whenever I think of Ellen & Jack's wedding, it gives me a warm-fuzzy feeling & reminds me of what an incredible thing a wedding can be, and how lucky I am to be a wedding videographer. Every tiny detail, from the venue to the table names, represented something special to their life. A story from their past and present.

Pengenna Manor feels so intimate and private, that it could almost be a friend’s house (a very lucky friend!) This was perfect for Ellen & Jack, as they knew exactly what they wanted their wedding day to feel like, and took every opportunity to make it their own. During the bridal prep, friends and family chipped in to help with the final preparations. This was fantastic for the wedding film as I was able to see the venue come to life over the course of the morning.

Stood outside with the summer sun smiling overhead, it was an honour to be a part of Ellen & Jack’s intimate ceremony. The relaxed atmosphere was punctuated by dogs languishing in the shade as Jack’s sister sung to the newlyweds. As I stood filming, I knew this was going to be a wedding film I wouldn’t forget.

After a spot of live music and a drone group love-heart, we moved onto their family farm at Lanivet. Day’s prior to the wedding, the barn we were in had actually been piled high with cow manure! An immense amount of effort from family and friends had transformed it into a stunning and rustic setting like no other. As a symbol of their warmth and generosity, Ellen & Jack gave me and photographer Alexa Poppe our own places at the table. I never expect a place at a table, but was immensely moved to be given one amongst friends and family.

After some incredible speeches that had us all simultaneously laughing and crying, the couple set the tone for the evening with their first dance. By this time, the light was fading and the barn was lit by an array of fairy lights & lamps, giving it an inviting festival feel. As you walked around the farm, there was a real feeling of joy as people chatted by open fires, stood in the home-made bar or talked under blankets.

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