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As a wedding videographer Cornwall and wedding videographer Devon, I film weddings the way I'd like my own wedding videography to be - In a natural and discreet style, capturing all of the wonderful moments that take place on a wedding day in a professional way that you can trust.


Two of my greatest (and only...!) strengths are a warm personality (I absolutely love working with people!) and a deep obsession with film making & cinematography. I bring these skills wherever I go to build a relaxed and positive atmosphere whilst using my dedication and knowledge of videography to capture things as they unfold and to get the once-in-a-lifetime moments. 

I never expect couples to be 'good' in front of a camera, but instead allow you to be yourselves and follow your lead as a couple, this way I'm able to capture more than just a record of your wedding day but a story of you as two human beings in love. 

Wedding days are such an emotional experience & this is where I focus my attention whilst filming and editing your wedding film - When you watch it back I want you to feel the buzz of excitement and to be brought right back to that life changing memory. Sentimental and beautiful is at the heart of my approach. 

I am a storyteller at heart, and focus my skills on artistically capturing the look and feel of your wedding day. From unguarded candid shots to speeches that make everyone in the room cry, I will create a video that stands the test of time.

I'd love to hear from you so please get in touch!

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