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Nancarrow Farm Wedding - Nic & Mark Rocking Out To Nirvana!

This has to be a highlight of this summer - Nic & Mark's wedding at Nancarrow Farm. This was actually my first time filming at Nancarrow, and I have to say I was captivated immediately by the drive down the little lane leading to the barn. The rustic and authentic vibe to the place is wonderful.

Nic & Mark were bursting with energy right from the beginning - With the entire venue bristling with anticipation. Whilst filming the wedding prep, it really shone through how much of a warm glow the two of them had. The spectacular morning light reflected this, casting everything in a golden haze.

I love building a strong relationship with my couples, and with Nic & Mark, I felt as comfortable as they did as they settled into the morning and allowed events to unfold.

After a beautiful and teary ceremony, the wedding guests really showed their true colours and immediately Nancarrow lit up with a party atmosphere. Smiles. Laughter. It was infectious! Photographer Ross Talling and I took the couple for a short walk and gave them a moment with one another whilst we captured how natural they felt in each other’s arms.

The food at Nancarrow is notorious for its seasonal and local produce - serving the wedding party a wonderfully colourful wedding breakfast. We then moved into my favourite part of the day - The speeches! I always look forward to listening to the groom’s stories, and today was no different. Those tiny details from when they first met seem so powerful when retold on such a momentous day.

Come the evening, guests were ready to put North against South in a tug of war! I have to admit to being impressed by the ‘over 65s’ taking the win over the younger members of the wedding party!

Nic & Mark didn’t want a conventional wedding band. No, they wanted something more ‘them’, such as a 90’s rock band! Reloaded are the South West’s stars of rock music, and played an incredible set including Nirvana and Foo Fighters. Participation from the guests came to a climax when a mosh pit took to the dance floor with the bride in the midst of it all!

Weddings with so much energy are few and far between, and I felt very privileged to be the one to capture it.

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