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I love you like the stars above - Scorrier House Wedding Videography

I was lucky enough to get introduced to Sophie and Joel whilst filming their friend’s Heather and Alastair’s wedding at Trefusis. Having seen the wedding film, the two of them decided to get in touch about their own special day. They had reservations that their setting may not be as cinematic as Trefusis was (stunning outdoor location overlooking the Fal) and might not lend itself to being filmed. Many of the fantastic couples i’m lucky to work with feel this pressure to make their day look good on camera. Their right, beautiful locations are incredible to film, but they are only a backdrop to the main event: the love between the couple & the adventurous spirit this ignites. The story is key, without it, we could have the most spectacular of settings on video but miss what we were actually there for.

When I found out that we’d be spending the bridal prep and reception at the wonderful Scorrier House, I knew there wouldn’t be a shortage of beautiful settings to film. Turning up and seeing the bridal party giggling and smiling as Sophie got ready in the open doorway set the magical tone for the day. Arriving at St Piran's church, I was greeted by the most wonderful sight – children smiling & ready to sing during the ceremony! It was a lovely personal touch to have little ones from Sophie’s school come along to serenade the two of them. I must admit, it brought me to tears as well when they sang their opening song.

As the day went on, it was wonderful for me to hear their story unfold. Despite hurricane winds battling to take off Sophie veil, the two of them could get lost in intimate moments together , hidden amongst plants in the greenhouse or stood at the window looking at the trees sway outside.

Would you like to talk about your wedding day videography? Whether you’re getting married in the Southwest, the UK or Europe, I’d love to talk more about working together, so please get in touch!

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