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Beth & Adam - One another's super hero...

Beth & Adam (or maybe Wonder Woman and Buzz Lightyear?!), from fallen trees, escaped dogs & snowfall on their dance floor, they both handled it all like true legends! I'll be keeping my eyes out for two people (and a dog!), heading through Cornwall in a Peugeot, looking for a pub with cold beer and somewhere to make a list!

Morning preparations...

Driving through Bodmin Moor early on Saturday is a brilliant way to start the day, and I have to admit that on two occasions I did stop to shoot some video of characterful looking sheep... Capturing the entire wedding story is really important to my style of filming, and all of these details really help to record what a place 'feels' like. Nevertheless, despite my woollen camera shots, I made it to The Green, a stunning wedding venue nestled in gently rolling hills.

I really love the sense of anticipation that surrounds a wedding day early in the morning. The Green's discreet location meant that the place was silent. The moment I saw Adam, sword in hand, in the golden morning light, I knew it was going to be difficult not to film everything in front of me. As Adam and his best men chatted whilst getting ready (in some exceptionally smart military dress... those gloves!) I took the opportunity to capture their laughter & obvious sense of excitement. The stunning sunshine meant that they were able to get ready outside, lending the most beautiful light for filming.

Walking across to Beth, the sun was still shining and made the cottage glow. With her closest friends nearby, Beth looked extremely calm and composed as she and her makeup artist chatted about plants for the day. Her nieces scuttled around her feet, grinning excitedly.

So much of filming indoors is controlling the lighting, and artificial lights can really kill the mood in a room. Luckily for me, the cottage had a big window, allowing soft and golden light to pour into the room. Beth had chosen some beautiful local flowers for the day, some of which had been used to decorate the house. The whole morning had a purposeful but calm atmosphere, everyone seeming to know exactly what they were doing and where they should be.

The 'I dos'...

Luckily for me, I was able to maintain my 4 streak wedding of filming animals during the ceremony! I really love seeing the things that matter to the couple celebrated and shown-off for everyone to see, hence why I like seeing pets at weddings so much. If Beth was feeling nervous about her day, she certainly didn't give anything away; remaining very composed throughout the entire morning & ceremony.

With petals of confetti strewn across the church path, we winded our way back to the Green for a drinks reception with plenty of smiles.

Working with wedding photographer Mark Noall was a real pleasure - I love working with photographers and really enjoy having someone else to bounce ideas off of & discuss the best way of capturing something. As the group photographs took place, I took the chance to capture the natural and candid moments that I always love between the couple on the day. Beth and Adam were almost floating a few inches off the ground with happiness.

Into the evening...

After the photographs were finished, I took a short walk with the happy couple (very short, as the rain now started to fall!) - but we didn't need long as they allowed be to see their natural and unposed intimacy.

Having been well fed and watered, the wedding guests settled down for the speeches to begin. I absolutely love hearing the stories and tales behind every wedding day. I'd be lying if I said I kept dry eyes throughout Adam & the father of the bride speech...

If you're thinking of getting married & would like to chat about your videography, please do get in touch as I'd love to hear from you!

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