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What's It Like Having A Wedding Videographer?

"Do you film me getting changed!? Are the cameras really big? Do I have to be a good actor?!"

When couples are having discussions with different suppliers in the early phases of wedding planning, I'm often asked what it's like to have a wedding videographer, so I thought it was about time I shared my own experience!

I've never met a couple that told me "I really love being filmed!" - More often than not, a dislike for being filmed can be a really big hurdle to choosing a videographer, especially on behalf of the groom.

On your wedding day, there are so many new people, places & events happening that after the initial 'I'm being filmed!' buzz, it starts to become strangely normal!

What can my videographer do to make sure I feel comfortable?

1) Positive Relationships - Having a positive and non-threatening relationship between the couple & your videographer is key! When you're around them you need to feel good - Although they are there to capture what's happening on the day, they also have the power to change how you react and experience the day. If you don't feel good about spending time with them, it may be difficult to feel yourself & allow things to unfold naturally.

2) Trust - There needs to be an unspoken trust between those being filmed & the videographer. Despite the magic and wonder of a wedding day, there can be moments when you may not be as graceful as you'd like to be, or when words become jumbled and clumsy, so you need to trust that your wedding videographer is going to do their utmost to keep your finished film as natural but also beautiful and romantic as possible. I am clear with every couple that I am there to serve them.

3) Spontaneous - Once the initial butterflies of being filmed vanish (usually around 10 minutes into getting filmed!) and you stop overthinking everything you're doing, you'll find yourself acting like the camera is not there. One thing that sets strong films apart is their spontaneity - it makes sure you or your guests do not have to act or pretend; it's authentic emotions that count, not contrived shots where you feel awkward. To feel relaxed you need to know that you can be yourself and won't have to replay any moments for the camera. There may be moments when you could be asked to "Walk along together holding hands," during a few couple shots, but any more than this can leave you feeling a little flustered and awkward.

If you've read this and are thinking of choosing a wedding videographer in Cornwall, Devon, London (or nationally!) why not get in touch as I'd love to hear from you!

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