What a spectacular day for two very special individuals to get married! From a beautiful choir through to wheelbarrow racing, I couldn't put my camera down all day!

I knew from our pre-wedding Skype call that Abi & Jason would plan an extremely special wedding day with their family and friends at the core of their celebration. They began their mornings with Jason at home with his groomsmen and Abi staying in a nearby hotel with her mum and bridesmaids. If I can, I'll always try to get some wedding prep of both the bride and groom, giving them a chance to relive those special moments when everyone is buzzing with anticipation (and attempting not to overdo the morning's Prosecco!). With my wedding videography I strive to remain discreet, allowing me to capture unguarded and unscripted moments. I always find the final moments between bridal prep and the ceremony to be some of the most emotional of the day and struggled to keep back a few tears as Abi shared a few hugs with her wonderful parents.

Moving on to the ceremony, Topsham Church is an incredible space and was beautifully decorated to welcome the wedding guests. It can be difficult at times as a wedding videographer Devon to capture a warm atmosphere in the larger churches, but the moment you walked in to the church you could feel the excitement and anticipation from every single person there. Working alongside the wedding photographer Paige Grace, we chose our spot at the front of the church to capture Abi walked by her father down the isle. These once in a lifetime moments are what make being a wedding videographer Devon so worthwhile. 

As a wedding videographer Devon & wedding videographer Cornwall, I'm always so impressed at how many friends and family are involved in a wedding day, and today was no exception! The vicar was a close family friend, giving Abi and Justin an extra special ceremony with anecdotes that only a friend would know. When filming wedding ceremonies I always love to hear the different readings that are used to tell the story of the couple and their future together - The vicar chose the most wonderful passage from the Song of Songs, giving me a wonderful opening to their wedding film whilst editing!  

To accompany the ceremony, the church choir delivered a beautiful selection of songs and added to the already emotional atmosphere in the church. Something about having live music is always so special on wedding days & especially during ceremonies! Being able to record live music as a wedding videographer is a real joy.


Once declared husband and wife, Justin celebrated with an air punch and the two kissed to roars of applause!

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