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This is definitely a stand out wedding from my time working as a wedding videographer at Lusty Glaze! The sunshine, energy & happiness was present throughout the day for Sarah & Dale.

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Sarah and Dale had arrived from London and wanted to tie the knot at Lusty Glaze as they had understandably fallen in love with the place. In keeping with a wedding video in Cornwall , the vibe was relaxed and boho. Think sand between the toes and a sea salted wedding dress by the end of the day. Their dog Jake also nearly stole the show, showing his enthusiasm throughout the day. However, with the most important job of the day - as the ring bearer - he kept his cool long enough to fulfil his duties!

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My day started as a Lusty Glaze wedding videographer, with capturing the bridal parties preparation in one of the rustic but modern cabins right on the beachfront overlooking the ocean. The day couldn't have been better, with bright sunshine and a gentle coastal breeze.  

The bride wore a boho style dress, and the bridesmaid were dressed in different shades of pastel. Meanwhile, the wedding video Cornwall shots often show the playful side of the county, as the girls were getting ready in their luxurious cabin, the boys, having driven from their prep address in Newquay, were now having fun decking out a retro VW camper van, making the van look as dapper and up for a good time as the grooms party.

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Sunglasses and smiles were the theme of the day as guests arrived and eagerly took their seats in the ceremony room as sunlight flooded the room and seagulls circled over the deserted beach outside. The wonderful thing about a wedding film Cornwall are these moments when you and the wedding party have exclusive access to such beautiful places. When weddings take place at Lusty Glaze, the wedding party has exclusive access to the beach, meaning the games of volleyball and rounders that followed the ceremony were undisturbed by all but the wind and the waves.

As all eyes turned and Sarah began to walk down the aisle, her mum proudly accompanying her and the bride's hair and bouquet a spray of bright, summer flowers, the vibe was full summer holiday. The couple met in Thailand, and their love of adventure and fun times shone through, throughout the day. 

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A cheer erupted, and Jake the dog barked in excitement as Sarah and Dale were pronounced Husband and Wife! With wedding videography Cornwall, ceremony, tradition and fun are more often than not all entwined, and this was no exception, as the bride took to the sand in red stilettos with her groom for the confetti run. 


Then it was on to the drinks reception where cocktails flowed freely with cold beers to quench the high summer thirst. As a wedding videographer Cornwall, one of my favourite bits of the day is that down time, usually between the drinks reception and the wedding breakfast, where the newly wed couple and I skip off to capture some couple shots. For the bride and groom , these are their first moments as husband and wife, and their happiness and excitement is easy to capture. As the sun arced through the sky, and the tide slowly turned, Sarah and Dale took a few moments to themselves on the beach and in the waves before returning to the merriment of their guests and their wedding breakfast. As they did so, people began to point towards the sky, and there, zooming over the sea and to everyone's great delight, was a plane trailing a banner behind it that read 'Sarah + Dale'.

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The wedding breakfast was enjoyed by all with conversation and alcohol flowing freely. The sun-filled room was a good excuse to wear sunglasses to shield tears from the speeches that followed. The Mother of the Bride in particular made quite a few shades misty with her heartfelt and moving speech. You could really feel the love and personal touch to the day, from the bride and grooms individually written vows, to the embraces from friends and family, and the eagerness to get the dancing going once the band started.


As the mid summer sun started to dip towards the horizon, the wedding party was already, really - a wedding party! Everyone on the dancefloor, young and old, still in their shades from the sunset saturated room. It was an honour to capture such a heartfelt day, blessed with sunshine, love and laughter.

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